eBook on Guide to Pivoting

Guide to Pivoting – A Case Study with Intuit’s txtWeb


Introduction to The Guide to Pivoting

This eBook is for product leaders who are creating products and are asking the question every day “Should I pivot?”.

Pivoting has become a common practice in the journey of products. Right from the product’s inception until product-market fit, teams look at pivots as a way to discover the stepping stones to rapid growth.


This eBook contains the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of Pivot
  3. Goal of Pivoting
  4. A Framework for Pivoting
  5. Case Study with txtWeb, Intuit
  6. Prerequisites to Pivoting
  7. Challenges with Pivoting
  8. Key Takeaways
  9. Photos from the workshop
  10. Authors and Contributors

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